Minneapolis artists have a hand in five city planning projects in 2013, thanks to a new program that is helping Minneapolis develop into a city that is a living work of art.  Creative CityMaking is a partnership between Intermedia Arts and the City of Minneapolis that fosters collaborations between local artists and City planners to develop fresh and innovative approaches for addressing the long-term transportation, land use, economic, environmental, and social issues facing Minneapolis.

Front: Gülgün Kayim, Mary Altman, Beth Elliot, Ashley Hanson, Diane Willow, Haila Maze, Caroline Kent, Julie Bates
Back: Theresa Sweetland, Witt Siasoco, Joe Bernard, Paul Mogush, Samuel Babatunde Ero-Phillips, Roger J. Cummings, Brian Schaffer, Jim Voll, Jack Byers, Carrie Christensen

From January-December 2013, Creative CityMaking will embed four artists/artist teams in the Long Range Planning Division of the City’s Community Planning and Economic Development Department (CPED).  Four teams of artists have been selected and paired up with five planning projects, which they will work on through 2013.  The partnership of artists and planners is intended to forge, enhance, or develop new strategies for working through the creative processes inherent in visionary planing and city making. It is intended to engage artists in critical thinking and art making around City and urban issues and to increase artists’ and planners’ ability to facilitate community interaction and work collaborativley with the public to foster positive change in the quality and trajectory of social discourse about the city’s urban future.  Their collaborative work will be showcased throughout the year at citywide community events, culminating in a public exhibition and forum at Intermedia Arts.
Creative CityMaking is made possible thanks to the generous support of ArtPlace. ArtPlace is a collaboration of twelve of the nation’s leading foundations, eight  federal agencies including the National Endowment for the Arts, and six financial institutions to accelerate creative placemaking across the U.S. Participating foundations include Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Ford Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, Rasmuson Foundation, The William Penn Foundation, The Robina Foundation and an anonymous donor. Funds committed to ArtPlace are overseen by Nonprofit Finance Fund who serves as investment and grant manager for the collaboration.  



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