We are pleased to introduce our 2013 Artists and Planners who will be working together in 2013.

Penn Avenue North Small Area Plan

City Planner: Jim Voll
Artist Team: Ashley Hanson & Wing Young Huie

Left to Right: Ashley Hanson, Wing Young Huie, Jim Voll
Ashley Hanson, Wing Young Huie, Jim Voll

In 2013, the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County Community Works are embarking on a cooperative effort to rethink land uses and transportation along Penn Avenue North – from Interstate 394 on the south to Osseo Boulevard on the north.  One component of this effort will be for the City to work with neighborhoods and businesses along the corridor to develop a small area plan.  The goals for this project are to stimulate economic development, job creation, housing strategies, beautification, and livability, in and between the string of commercial nodes along this important spine in North Minneapolis. The project will consider the connections to and through north Minneapolis and improved access to transit, including, but not limited to rapid bus service that would connect the Penn Avenue Corridor to Bottineau LRT and Southwest LRT. chronicles the work of Hanson and Huie.

Southwest LRT Station Area Planning

City Planners: Beth Elliott and Paul Mogush
Artist: Diane Willow

creative citymaking reception feb 2013 by anna min of min enterprises photography llc-6064
Diane Willow, Paul Mogush, Beth Elliot

Artist Diane Willow will be working with CPED planners on the City’s part of planning the long-range land use and transportation interface between neighborhoods and businesses at five station stops on the Southwest LRT line: Royalston Station, Van White Boulevard Station, Penn Avenue Station, West 21st Street Station, and the West Lake Street Station.  Planning efforts in Minneapolis are one part of a larger project known as the Southwest LRT Transitional Station Area Action Plan (TSAAP).  The TSAAP is intended to promote opening day readiness for 2018 by bridging the gap between current conditions and future station area needs for infrastructure and development. Willow will assist planners to develop creative and impactful community engagement strategies as well as providing a fresh perspective on evaluating station area needs.

Southeast and Southwest Planning

City Planners: Haila Maze and Brian Schaffer
Artist Team: Caroline Kent, Roger J. Cummings, and Samuel Babatunde Ero-Phillips

creative citymaking reception feb 2013 by anna min of min enterprises photography llc-6107
Brian Schaffer, Haila Maze, Samuel Babatunde Ero-Phillips, Roger J. Cummings, Caroline Kent

This team of three artists will work with two planners on two different two small area plans.  In the first half of the year, Kent, Cummings, and Ero-Phillips will work with a planner on developing a small area plan for Linden Hills in southwest Minneapolis. In the second half of the year, the three artists will work with a city planner on developing a small area plan for Dinkytown in southeast Minneapolis.  In both cases, planners and artists will be working with neighborhood residents and businesses to prepare a long-range vision for land use, transportation, and property development in the defined areas. Each plan will examine the current conditions of the area and develop a future vision of what residents and business representatives want the neighborhood or area to become, then formulate specific goals, objectives, and policies or projects to implement that vision.

Capstone Evaluation of the City’s 10-Year Historic Survey Efforts

City Planner: Joe Bernard
Artist: Witt Siasoco

creative citymaking reception feb 2013 by anna min of min enterprises photography llc-6048
Joe Bernard and Witt Siasoco

The City of Minneapolis is embarking on an effort to analyze and assess the combined findings of historic survey work conducted over the past 10 years. The City’s project is funded by a grant from the National Park Service and the Minnesota Historical Society. Project partners expect to identify the salient strengths and fill in any remaining gaps in the geographic and thematic base of the City’s repository of historic assessments. The project will highlight the main takeaways from ten years of survey work, and it will include an assessment of historic public sculpture located throughout the city. Outcomes from this process will help to shape preservation policy and development opportunities in Minneapolis for the coming generation. The city planner and artist will work together to design and conduct a public engagement campaign to educate residents, the business community, educational institutions, and the general public about this rich source of data and findings about the city’s history. Find more details about Witt’s work at


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